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and the extraordinary gravity of this situation really is upon us as the entire city of boston, residents there, told to shelter in place and not leave their homes as investigators try to get control of this situation. i want to go back to pete williams who has been doing some great reporting for us this morning. pete, as we consider the public safety issue now present in boston, this isn't just a matter of getting hands on this suspect, but needless to say he's extraordinarily dangerous and we've had reports through the night that during that chase with police, both of these suspects were allegedly hurling explosives at police. >> yes. it is interesting. i can't think of a time when a major community like this was basically under lockdown. even when you have a killer on the loose or someone who escapes from prison or gets out of police custody, an active shooter. to lockdown an entire city is really extraordinary. it tells you the seriousness with which they are taking this. now, we know that they had a good deal of explosives in the car that they carjacked. that suggests that they were carrying qui
under way. >> the entire city of boston is on lockdown. subways and buses stopped. he should b arm >> suation serious and scary. t now.rts >>> and good morning to all of our viewers on the west and across the country. this is "good morning america" being seen in special abc news conch right now. we're live in boston there's the scene right now, police swarming the streets in a massive man hunt for suspect number two. these are the pictures that came out overnight. tamerlan tsarnaev. number two on the loose, a fugitive right now, believed to be armed and dangerous, described as a terrorist, he was caught on camera last night, he's been on the loose for several hours and all of boston, the entire city of boston surrounding suburbs in lockdown right now. >> that's right. abc news just spoke to those boys' father, he is in shock and implores his son to himself up. he told abc news, he said that he think his sons were set up and he said they were very nice kids, never touched explosives and never learned how to handle weapons. he said that his younger son is on the run and in hiding bec
the church bells behind us. they started off with "god bless america" a few minutes back. this entire city, of course, consumed with what happened yesterday. and so many questions and stories about the victims of this. katy tur, part of our team here as well, she's been looking into the victims all day. good evening. >> brian, they were standing on the sidelines cheering on loved ones, friends and even strangers. then all of a sudden chaos. tonight we're learning more about the trauma of those first few moments including the victims. and an 8-year-old boy excited to see a marathon. >> reporter: today neighbors remembered 8-year-old martin richard, the youngest of the victims. >> to know that that little boy will never come home again is -- it kept me up tonight, and it will probably keep me up more nights. >> reporter: martin was in the crowd watching the marathon with his parents, 11-year-old brother and 5-year-old sister close to where the blast went off. he was killed. his mom and sister right now are in very bad shape. in a statement, his father, bill richard, wrote, "my dear son marti
. so this entire city, the suburbs around boston, even boston is in a lockdown right now. they have canceled the subways, rails and bus services and have asked anybody who have gone there before they canceled it to go home and asking people to stay inside and businesses are closed and one all nonessential people off the streets so they have a better chance of finding this guy. they don't want him to pose danger to the people of boston or of the suburbs and so, of course, this is a very serious situation. it's causing a lot of anxiety. you do see people walking around and giving everybody a second look to make sure they are not seeing somebody or seeing the second suspect. the police have locked down this area 20-block radius and stopping everybody that comes through. we did see a couple of people while it was still dark out walking alone and the cops treated them very suspiciously. what are you doing around here? shining flashlights in their eyes. as the sun comes up and people are coming out of their houses the police last thing they want them to do. they want them to stay inside a
, bringing an end it a massive manhunt and incredibly tense day for this entire city. i want you to take a look at this map and the time line of how the whole drama played out during the past 24 hours. what a day it's been for investigators, folks who live here. beginning with late thursday night, police say the two suspects, they stop at a convenience store across the river from me here in boston in cambridge. soon after that, a police officer from the massachusetts institute of technology, m.i.t., was shot and killed while in his car. authorities say these two brothers, these two suspects then run away, hijack a black mercedes suv, at gunpoint, a couple blocks from that convenience store. police then begin the chase. they chase them from cambridge into an area just next to boston called watertown. that's where police and these two suspects got into this shootout. the officers wounded one of the men, the older brother later identified as tamerlan tsarnaev. he was declared dead at the hospital. fast forward to tonight, authorities say they have dzhokar tsarnaev cornered on a boat in the
to hear in terms of whole entire city. i realize this is has met a precedent how in other neighborhoods i want to figure out what's the best tool. are we setting a precedent it might not be the best approach at other places so i'm considering and would love our input on possible come use language instead of clustering language. that would be a 5 hundred feet radius calling for conditional used to be used by the planning commission to citing future uses. sow within 5 hundred feet of each other to relocate within 5 hundred feet. this is proposed los angeles. currently they only require discretionary review but to demonstrate it would benefit the neighborhood. if we do this we want the criteria specified so the planning commission can see that that's bringing enhancements and benefits to the neighborhood that the dthorax c has prepared transportation sufficient to address the impact on its patient and the dnc is actively engaging in the neighborhood and designating a community la son to deal with the concerns. we're concerned this has enough teeth i'm cussus to hear about your thoughts. i we
the entire city lockdown. you had to. you had this horrific event. frankly, everyone was glued to the television. everyone wanted to know what was happening. we have to be careful. we all have to be careful. i take the lesson of a former intelligence officer who said when i was a young man my dad took me deer hunting and we were laying there and looked out and my dad turned to me and said, son, when you go deer hunting, everything starts looking like a deer. so, we have to be careful, we have to make sure that we don't have a confirmation bias that we want something to happen. cnn made a mistake. law enforcement made a mistake. they said there was an explosion at the jfk library. >> some speculation this was domestic terrorism, domestically inspired. >> i worked with colin powell, he said that first reports are never complete and never accurate. not a bad thing to remember. >> how about the question of the locking down the city of boston, congressman? you saw the mayor right there saying it was absolutely justified? >> what terrorists want to do, one of the things, other than t
. >> the entire city of boston is on lockdown. subways and buses stopped. the situation serious and scary. "gma's" live coverage of boston's night of terror starts right now. >>> and good morning, america. what a wild night in boston. look at these pictures. these are the suspects. suspect number one in the black hat now dead and there is a massive manhunt under way for the man in the white hat on the run armed and dangerous. here he was last night in a boston 7-eleven. the suspect now in a gray hoodie. >> abc news is confirming that the suspects are from overseas and they are reported to be brothers. we are getting that information in right now. this is a very fluid situation. we're going to have much more as we get it on those suspects. >> our entire abc news team is out in force. we begin with chief investigative correspondent brian ross on the ground all through the night in watertown, brian, a night of gunfire, a night of bombs and now door-to-door search for that dangerous terrorist. >> reporter: that's right, george and dangerous is the word. the fbi described him yesterday as armed and
locked down a major american city. >> i can't ever remember, scott, when we've had an entire city locked down. that's what's so extraordinary about this. listening to you and listening to john just now i think one of the reasons that they're having so much difficulty in finding this man is that we know so little about him. is he a committed zealot? is the he a member of some cult? we don't know that. is he a criminal? he has mo criminal record. if we just knew more about him it might be easier toe out some sort of pattern that he's following but here's hat seths off these bombs apparently and is on a college campus yesterday talking to people as if it's just a fine spring day. it's these answers. the more we find out about him, the less we seem to know about him. a and i think that's what's going to be and has been so difficult in these hours as they roll by today. we still don't know exactly what it is that has caused him to do this. the. >> pelley: bob, it's been so long since 9/11, or at least it feels that way in some ways but this is going to refocus the president's attention on ter
in serious condition. meanwhile the entire city of boston is breathing a big sigh of relief after a five-day, extensive man hunt [ cheering ] . >> a crowd cheered when they haeshd that a suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minute later an ambulance considerlying dzhokhar tsarnaev made its say and 24 hours after terror in this boston suburb. tsarnaev was captured alive but injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens in the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> the break in the case came friday evening when a homeowner noticed blood on the boat's protective cover and called 911. law inforcement sources say they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. a neighbor caught the fire fight on video. >> ultimately, the hostage rescue team or the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect, who was still alive, in the boat. >> the standoff came almost 24 hours after believe to have killed a police officer at the massachusetts institute of technology. that led to a fierce fire fight in police in watertown that killed
in boston, going on all through the night. the entire city on lockdown right now. 650,000 people ordered to stay inside by the governor. also in the surrounding suburbs, millions more ordered to stay inside as that manhunt continues for suspect number two in the boston marathon bombings. there you see him right there, dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old. a graduate of boston latin high school been in the united states for 12 years believed to be of chechen origin. thousands have converged on watertown where there is a massive shootout last night that killed suspect number one, his brother. during the night they were using weapons, they were using explosives, they were using bombs and right now we're about g delayer at the neorat any moment because at this time, police have surrounded an area where they believe suspect number two may be holed up at this time and, of course, we wouldn't want to do anything that would compromise the tactical situation facing the boston police right now, they have asked us not to do that. we will not share any information that could compromise what is going on r
to follow breaking news from boston the entire city is under lockdown a massive manhunt continues for one of two boston bombing suspects with a live update from ama daetz from watertown. >> stepped up security ahead of a bay area run to honor victims of the marathon bombing with precallings being >> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> in boston, the city and several suburbs are locking down while agents hunt for the second of two suspects from the marathon bombing. >> they conservationed on watertown after a series of events that started in cambridge where an officer was killed at m.i.t. but that lockdown is extended and we are talking 4.5 million people. ama daetz is in watertown, massachusetts, with the latest. >> eric and christian, in -- kristen, in the greater boston area 7.6 million are told to shelter in place. no school. no mass transit. no one in or out of the town of watertown behind me on the border of it here. we have seen lots of officers, bus loads, full bus loads coming by as police continue the investigation with flashing lights behind me looking for the second suspect
it is duncan. next to each other, one is underground, one isn't. and we have this throughout the entire city. we would like to see all of the city's overhead lines undergrounded so we can leave a legacy much beyond our lifetimes. several major cities have already done this. san diego has already got a task force with the force of law to make this happen. san jose is doing it. london, berlin, pares, all the major cities have done this. so, i'd like to urge the board of supervisors to have a plan to make this happen and happen quickly. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> my name is eugene gordon, jr. redress conditions reflect environment review. dictionary tends to provide dictionary -- dictatorial [speaker not understood]. we the people have addressed so many times. [speaker not understood] education, schooling, work is based upon capital currency [speaker not understood]. monopoly capitalist, imperialist, racialist, [speaker not understood], surrounding planet earth sovereign nations with military basins defending its interests. witness 77 6 victory of african-american negro slave ow
that will help all of us not just those of us on the budget committee, but the entire city as we understand more about how we spend our city dollars. third item i'll mention, which does touch upon a resolution that we will be considering later, has to do with a challenge that i put out to public agencies in 2011 to provide the data around towing time so that our city or citizens could help create an app to allow residents to alert if their car is about to be towed. the mayor indicated support their this idea, an a year and a half later on the towing times has not been released. these are several examples of the type of data that can help make city government work better. the legislation we have in froth of us does three important things. first it creates a chief data officer position. secondly, it requires eversiti department to designate a data coordinator to work with the public and the chief data officer to get this information out. and thirdly, it requires the development of consistent standards in how data is presented. i want to take a moment and thank supervisor avalos and his staff for d
in watertown in a staging area with law enforcement. the entire city of boston is now being asked to shelter in place, as law enforcement officials methodically search for the second suspect and possibly concerned about a third. joining me live in watertown, katy tur, describe the scene that you're witnessing right now. >> it has got an lot more act aive here in the past few minutes. a police helicopter that is circling this area for the last 20 minutes or so. they are circling the area which is right over here, diagonal from where i am. we did see police cruisers speed that way and arm aered vehicles speed that way and we are hearing reports of some activity. we have reporters that are closer to the scene and they are saying that it does appear a bomb squad is going into a house. it's much more active than it was a few minutes ago. to give you an idea of where we are in relation to how everything has been happening. the shootout that happened early this morning happened in this general vicinity happened a couple blocks from here. that's where the suspect was killed and the second suspect fl
, but they made progress close to 100%. >> reporter: yeah, but what's the area? remember, the entire city is in lockdown now. they have told everybody in boston not to leave their homes, not to open their doors, except to law enforcement officers. so while they might be able to inspect the immediate area around here in watertown, it seems a herculean task to be able to do that for the entire metropolitan region that's essentially in lockdown right now. look, there's a massive police and military presence, actually, here, actually, it's right behind me, the staging area is right behind where i'm standing here at the parking lot of the watertown arsenal here. we've had early this morning convoys of military humvees, bus loads of police and state troopers coming in here and assembling for what we thought was going to be some sort of massive confrontation or assault here. we had blackhawk helicopters. i'm hearing another helicopter right now as we speak. so there's still plenty of police and military presence in the area, but being able to secure the entire city when they don't know whether t
the assumption that he has a vehicle? >> we don't know of a vehicle that he has. >> you have the entire city on lockdown to search for this suspect. what's changed in the last eight hours that you feel the people should feel loose and what is your message to that suspect? >> my message to the suspect is to give himself up, to stop any further violence towards anyone. in terms of where he is at this point, we cannot continue to lock down an entire city or an entire state. we are confident that we've done what we can do here in this particular neighborhood in terms of our search. unfortunately, that was not fruitful. but we are redoubling our efforts and we are as committed as we were this morning towards apprehending him. >> but has anything changed in the last eight hours -- >> let's go quickly, we do want to hand off to our stations for a little bit here. on the east coast, "nightly news" is ten minutes away. pete williams watching and listening with us in washington. pete, what's your educated guess here? is this because of intel, or a mixture of wanting to lift the outdoor ban in watertow
for survival. migration is affecting the entire city. predict this will double to 40 million people, worst it one of the cities in the world. people affecting these more than most. nigeria. >> in pakistan, a 12-year-old girl was injured in a grenade attack. she was one of six children hurt when a man through the device into a school. he then started shooting at them. the school principal was also killed. a house what has become the first woman to run for parliament in pakistan in the northwest tribal region. she will be on the ballot on may 11. she says she is running to improve women's rights. and security for elected officials in texas has been tightened following a series of killings. the bodies of a murdered district attorney and his wife were discovered on saturday. he is the third official killed in recent weeks. profilee is a high- police presence in the county, about 50 kilometers outside of dallas. officers accompany people from their cars to their door after three killings in recent weeks. we obviously have some folks that are out to do our necks to elected officials, so we take
on polk street or castro, the entire city and we are the taxpayers. small business makes up the largest employer of the city. if we go way, who is going to employ these people? i cannot thank you enough and i'm glad we are having mta here next month and i invite you all to come back at that meeting and just keep on getting involved and keep pushing, pushing, pushing. to me this is - in my opinion - this whole parking issue is like the number one issue right now with the merchant corridors and i hear it everywhere i go in the city. i can't thank you enough. thank you. we would like to have public comment? >> i am also on the mayor's 2030 presentation task force. i made my position very clear at the last meeting that when they keep saying that they want to do all the stuff in the city but it's going to cost x amount of dollars but they only seem to have the budget for half , of what they want to do but what they want to do costs twice as much as it would if they didn't do all this other stuff. i hear all this recurring theme, that everything will cost twice as much it you only have so m
of the entire city and i think that's a priority that we have better collaboration. i think that's the other missing piece. thank you. >> mr. hawkins are those things that you will be make reference on? >> definitely we can add some language in here that talks about the autonomy of the authority and we can add more information or beef up the information already in here regarding the collaboration and coordination role that the cta plays. i think that could be added. >> okay. colleagues, any other comments or questions? >> commissioner wiener? >> this is as much for the commission or the staff for consultant. in terms of future meetings are we going to be sticking to monday morning? >> i want to say thank you for the morning or afternoon. i don't have a preference, but i'm just curious. >> we'll have a set for time. a tuesday morning if we don't have a finances committee meeting or plans and programs meeting perhaps we can double up with a finances committee meeting. we want to make sure we don't get in the way of any other committee meeting. >> any other morning is fine with me. >> thank yo
and that includes men and without the support of the entire city and the agencies we couldn't make this work possible. as you know we do work on domestic violence and human trafficking and for the domestic violence victims psychologically it's difficult to leave a united states -- abusive relationships and it's difficult to leave the situation. we are impressed with programs like the womens' initiative which launches entrepreneurial programs for women and in particular immigrant women. what is impressive after the intensive training they do have the ability to open a business within one year and after five years those businesses are sustainable which is very impressive given the atmosphere that we have today so i look forward to working with the small business commission further. we have heard and will hear from the human rights commission in terms of contracting for women owned businesses. we have taken in voluntarily data and businesses have to select a women owned business or minority business owners and we have asked business owner what is is more advantage us to? and seems it's th
council has voted to appeal the judge's ruling that would apply the policy to the entire city work force. the outcome of the case could  have implications statewide. >>> temporary land lane closures for automated systems. the project will continue over the next few weeks. tolls will be installed at san francisco oakland bay bridge next. >>> we'll tell you why it's a down day on wall street straight ahead. we're going to bring you still photos of yesterday at noon and today video of this cat at the bay area zoo. e ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me. >>> taking a live look at big board. down 21 points. stocks holding modest losses, a day after the dow and s&p touched record highs. the city of san jose is holding a naming contest for the new baby falcons. we told you last week the female falcon is a mother for the fifth time. this is a new video from today, the camera on to
. that is important for the girls of color. i couldn't find one black female engineer in the entire city. can you imagine that? for these girls -- it is so funny we just had the application process at google and we saw all these african american women and latin american women come in saying i want to learn how to code, teach me. [applause] e of my girls came here from another country and they don't give them culture in technology. so we had to teach her how to use a mouse. eight weeks later she built a website on how to teach other girls on how to code in 32 different languages. >> wow. [applause] >> we focus on that. if we commit to them, if we aeat -- girls for code is not nonprofit organization, it is a movement. you wrote about this, it is the most domestic issue of our time. the train is leaving. it is leaving and we need to make sure our girls are not left behind. >> if we leave our girls behind the train is leaving without all of us. you spoke about that girl and how she was not exposed to technology. there are sadly countries in the world where girls are not allowed to major in this field
but this really impacts the entire city and thankful that we have the concern of so many other supervisors. just the last thing i would say one thing i would like to see that doesn't involve a tremendous amount of planey is more of the enforcement work and working with sfpd. i think enforcement matters. i know it impacts and changes my behavior as a driver. i am a walker and a driving and the first time i got a ticket it changed my behavior and i don't want that to be the way to go about things and penalize things but sometimes it makes a difference. i don't know if mass public enforcements make a difference but i think it's okay if it's not a plains clothes officer and officers are out there and this is a priority for public safety because i think that sends a signal too and changes the behavior and not just the ticket but the presence of officers working to protect the lives of the workers and residents so i think there is a lot more i could say on the issue but i'm thankful for the work done and working with the departments and coordinate this plan that we have put forward which i think is
for our safety and for our tourism industry that it would best serve our community to have the entire city underground utilities. thank you. >> next speaker. >>> mr. president, members of the board, as i sat there a few moments ago, i listened attentively to representative for district 9 and the nice words that she spoke about that lady who, in my humble estimation, [speaker not understood] to help [speaker not understood] people arrive at their destination in life. what came to me was a poem, part of it say that life's great men all remind us we must make our lives sublime and leave it -- and part and leave behind us such faith in [speaker not understood]. that lady that was spoken of, she surely did leave a great legacy that although she is not with us today, she can be highly be spoken of and i compliment you, supervisor, for district 9. thank you very much. >> thanks. next speaker. >>> tom gilberti, [speaker not understood] apartments. last week i came out against the tenants in common that were trying to move forward for cost of living rental for the city. and i thought maybe we can m
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 583 (some duplicates have been removed)